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What do you think of this as a possible look for the Corvette for Nationals? Check out the photo on the full blog post.
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Another class win in SS and SSL for the CorvetteZ06.org team, as well as another overall index win, that makes 3 local events in a row for the team. Videos and data coming later this week. Anyone who watched my fifth run today also witnessed the return of the White Tornado to St. Louis. Photos of the aftermath can be found on the full blog post.
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 The past few weekends at the out of town events I've done a lot of this.

Huntman took that in Milwaukee

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Today went a little better than yesterday, weather wise and results wise for myself, though I still wasn't pleased with my performance. I did managed to move in front of Dave today, but could have moved up another spot had I been clean on my fastest run. Lucky for me my 5th run was finally clean, I was fortunate enough to get a red flag on a run, giving me a rerun. Had I not received the rerun i might have made it 4 runs with a cone on each of them, I had a cone on the run I was red flagged so that helped me out greatly. I'll try to get video up and going tomorrow, and I'll work on getting my DL-1 data from the last few events posted on www.racematerials.com

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Today was an interesting day. It was once again hot hot hot today. I managed to get faster on all of my runs, and my last run would have put me in 2nd but I picked up a cone in the last 25% of the course, so I had to sit on my third run. Dave did the same thing, though his third run was faster than mine. I believe we're sitting in 4th and 5th right now. We'll see how Sunday goes. I'll see if I can't get video going later tonight, we're heading off to the banquet for dinner shortly.
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Today started very early, 3:52 early when Dave called me and woke me up on his way to pick me up, we were on the road by 4:30 or so. We got into the Topeka area just around 8:30am and stopped by the car wash to give the car a quick spray. From there it was off to Heartland Park to get things rolling.

We ended up working before we ran in the Test&Tune, it was hot pretty much all day, even earlier in the morning. Both Dave and I had issues today with the car. The first mistake was made on Wednesday before loading it up on the trailer, I forgot to fill the car up with gas, so we ran today starting at a quarter of a tank. I don't know if this was the cause, or the poor surface conditions here at Heartland Park but I spun the car on my first 2 runs, and then again 4 or 5 more times, I think I had 4 runs without spins and probably 7 runs that had spins.

I also managed to hit a ton of cones. Midway through the day I was ready to call it quits and drive home, it would have been more comfortable, it was a damn hot day today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better, but we will see. We're running first heat, so hopefully we'll get the coolest runs of the day, though that will most likely mean the surface will be nice and sandy.

I had some video today that I was going to try to get posted, but I managed to delete it from the hard drive and the compact flash, lesson learned!

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Dave and I loaded up the car on the trailer tonight, we're leaving around 4am on Friday morning and he has plans tomorrow night. Before loading it we took the wheels and tires and flipped the tires around on the wheels for the practice session on Friday. We'll run the test & tune friday on the old set of wheels and tires, then on Saturday and Sunday we'll run the good set of tires, the set that were new for the Milwaukee National Tour two weeks ago. We did all of this tonight in the rain, so we were soaked by the time we changed tires on the car and loaded it on the trailer. I'll post an update Friday night.
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Another local event down, and another reminder of a couple of things

1) St. Louis in the summer sucks
2) Racing in the summer in St. Louis sucks

Heat and humidity!

Nonetheless, it was a good event, I still need to drive faster, but I did manage to take FTD (fastest time of day) as well as the top Index position, and first place in Super Stock. Dave finished 2nd in SS. Beth took first in SSL and also took the top Ladies Index spot.

That makes two local events that the CorvetteZ06.org team has taken the top index and ladies index positions here in St. Louis. Next stop, Topeka Kansas for the Midiv Championships next week!

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Dave and I spent the day working on the Corvette. Here's what was accomplished

  1. drain the rear end and replace with Redline gear oil
  2. removed the rear Konis from the car and replace with the stock shocks
  3. drained the transmission and replaced with redline
  4. drained/replace oil and filter, both with Mobil 1
  5. hack the stock radio to add a line in
  6. wash the car, clean off all of Dave's cone marks

#5 and #6 were done by myself, Dave had left by then. #5 involved splicing into the CD input line and wiring up a minijack input, I actually wired this into the back of the radio, I thought it was ingenious, but I figured out the error in my ways. The jack I used was one that when nothing was plugged into it would allow the CD audio to pass through normally. When a line was plugged in the jack input is used and the CD Audio is bypassed. Anyone see the err of my ways?

By mounting the jack in the back of the radio I effectively disabled the CD audio from working until the radio is removed and the minijack wire unplugged. This actually isn't a big deal for me, I never use the CD player anyways, and now I can listen to my Zune! Though I will most likely need to rewire or just unplug this before I sell the car, otherwise the next owner won't know WTF is going on.

Now it's time for a http://shirt.woot.com party, I'm meeting some guys from the office there. Race on Sunday!

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So the weekend started out wet on Saturday, Sunday started out the same. It was very overcast and foggy/wet on Sunday morning, by the time we ran Sunday morning though it was nearly dry on course, all of the water was out of the air and the sun was out making it hot. After first runs I had a decent time, but I knew that time wouldn't be anywhere near what I needed to run. I was the last driver in super stock, so I had 2 more runs to watch what everyone else did, then a chance to put down my final time. I was able to run what I think was the 5th fastest time of the day in SS, though it was enough to move me up into 4th place, from 5th, by about 24 thousands over another Z06 driven by another Chris. Dave managed to get three clean runs, an impressive feat for him, though he was off of my time by about 8 tenths if I recall correctly.
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Day 1 here in Milwaukee was wet! Beth ran the car in the first heat on the brand new hoosier wets, by the third heat Dave and I switched to the race rubber.

Beth finished up today in 2nd place, if she can stay there tomorrow she'll win a trophy and a free contingency tire! Dave had his usual cone issues, he complained about the car being too loose on corner exit, but I think he just forgot that it was wet outside.

I ran well, I'm sitting in 5th after Saturday, .14* back from the 4th and final trophy position. Tomorrow I am going to do my best to try and move up, not back like I have the past few National events on Sunday.

Read the full post to see the videos

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It sure is early this morning! 5am start, at least my shower is down, but I sure don't feel like waking up today. Still looks like it's going to rain, I'll blog later today from the site if I get a chance.
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This time lapse makes my time lapse videos for www.project240z.com look amatuer (hey wait a minute, they are). This is apparently GM Engineers assembling an LS9 for a ZR1 (View the full blog post for the video.
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