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10 Years from the day we sold the 2004 Z06 came and went last week. Here’s hoping we don’t go another 10 years before we can put this domain to some good use!

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So today marks a year since the 2004 Corvette Z06 left our stable. In the past year I’ve autocrossed exactly once, back in March or April of this year in St. Louis. We’ve since moved to Colorado, bought a house, and traded/sold most of our vehicles. We are in the process of trying to build up our stable again, lots of changes going on!

Yesterday I went up to Boulder Colorado and looked at and RX-7 for John, the buy who bought the Corvette. It looks like I will be heading up there next weekend and picking it up. It may require a tad bit of work to get it ready for shipping, but John is going to arrange to have a truck pick it up for the haul to DC.

I hope to start autocrossing again next year with a new ride, probably another 350z. In the mean time be sure to keep track of the progress on the 240Z at http://www.project240z.com

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I just got an email from Natalie, John is on his way back to the DC area with the Corvette, so we no longer own a Corvette..... Have fun John, enjoy your ride!
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So the final days are now ticking down. I have two, maybe three days of driving the Corvette left before we leave for Amsterdam. Natalie will be flying back from Amsterdam and meeting John (the new owner) at the airport next Friday so he can take posession of the car.

I was getting the mail tonight and saw the car sitting half in the garage and half out, where I had parked it, in the light, it looked beautiful. It really is an amazing car, I will miss it, I already do.

You might ask, why are you selling the Z06? One main reason. Natalie and I plan to move to Colorado (even though we are rumored in the horse world to be moving to Germany) next summer, and while I love the car, the car payment and insurance could be used for more grown up things than racing, like buying our first house, and planning for the move. I don't imagine I will go long without a fun race car though.

So what will come next? That is undecided at this point. I will most likely buy a $2-3k ride/beater for the winter so I don't have to drive the long ass F350 all winter, and hopefully spend some time working on the 240Z to get it up and running soon. I need something fun to drive, that is for sure, but even if the 240 runs, it would take a lot of work and money to make it anywhere near as fun as the Corvette.

I don't know what I will race next year, perhaps I'll try to find a nicely prep'd codrive, perhaps I'll take it easy for the year. This year in the Corvette has been fun. I think I've put something in the range of 150 autocross runs on the car not including test and tune runs, on a whole the car has seen well over 300, maybe near 400 runs this year.

Hopefully John and Clyde can put that many runs on her next year.

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Natalie is 9th of 12 in her first Solo Nationals (6th event ever). Beth is sitting in 7th I believe.

Dave is in 30th, I am in 25th. We aren't that far off on time, but the SS competition is tight!!!!

Sorry, I'm going to bed! Will post more tomorrow.

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Today was another fun day at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas. We (my wife and my father) headed out to the event site around 9am this morning, parked the cars and then walked around paddock and grid making our way up to the courses to watch a few runs.

After a bit we decided it was probably a good idea to get Natalie checked in with registration, so we headed off to do that, quick and easy. Next up was a move towards the head of the class. Sam Platt had headed home after his performance yesterday and the threat of rain, so we moved up to his previous grid spot in front of the Solo Performance/SCCAGear.com store. Much closer than where we were before. Natalie had to work, I sat down near information and looked through the stats book for Nationals trying to get some information together for my announce heat.

My announce heat went well, I had fun yet again, though the heat seemed to fly by. After the heat we flew back to the hotel to get cleaned up and changed. I planned on wearing a suit for the banquet as I would be up on stage presenting the trophy winners for the heat I announced. We got to the banquet early (as I always do) and locked in two tables for people coming in later. It was interesting that they started the buffet early on, I think it worked well to keep the lines short when people got there to eat. The awards ceremony lasted about 2 hours, I was surprised it was that long as it felt to me like it flew by. Before I knew it I was up on stage presenting the trophies, and then I was done.

I thought my part went well, though I felt like I didn't talk enough. I was told that people thought I was the easiest to hear over the microphone, and that it was nice that I kept things short and to the point, but that came from my friends and family, so hopefully some other folks will chime in with some feedback.

It's time for bed, we're going to get up early and try to be on course by 6am.

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So I am exhausted and won't be making this a long blog post. Today was Day #1 of the SCCA TireRack Solo Nationals. I spent almost all day today in the timing trailers trying, with Darrin, to make the live results functionality work. Unfortunately we were unable to get it working!

After that I met up with Natalie as she arrived today shortly afternoon, I took her to where she needed to check in to her work assignment, then sent her off to work on the course for a heat (her work assignment). For the fifth heat we both worked in the announce vehicle for the West course, I announced while she helped me keep track of the cone counts on the cars on course. It was fun, my first time announcing for the Solo Nationals, hopefully not my last!

After working we walked the West course, stopped to chat with a few friends in grid and the paddock, then made our way back to the hotel to meet up with my Dad who arrived for his first trip to the Solo Nationals. I've been trying for years to get him to come, I'm glad he has finally made it to Topeka! Perhaps someday I can get him to race.

Now it is time for bed, perhaps another blog post tomorrow.

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So today I had a full day scheduled. I went to the event site around 9:30, after a swing by McDonalds to pick up a quick bite for breakfast. From there I parked the car and hopped on my bicycle to ride over to the Solo Performance garage to hang out and work on my book proposal that I need to get out.

At noon I had a meeting with the other announcers for the Solo Nationals, it was an interesting meeting, though I don't expect any of us expected it to last an hour and a half.  From there I ran back to SPS to pick up some broadband cards to try and get the living results functionality ready for Nationals. This has been a last minute thing that Darrin and I have played around with most of the year. We have the software working, but we spent nearly 8 hours today trying to work out issues with the connectivity that we ran into using the AT&T broadband cards.

Mark Walker and Ian Baker graciously helped us out and spent the evening sitting at the "geek" table in the pavilion at HPT. Many people came over and laughed at us, but I think they will be more than thankful if we can get this working. We've got some work to do in the morning, but hopefully it will all come together and come tomorrow you'll be able to see some results nearly live at http://nats.scca.com

If we can't get it working though, you probably won't see much there.

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Well I managed to fall one position today into 8th place. I was faster on the left side, but managed to redlight that run as I changed where I was launching from and got a much better launch than I expected. I picked up 3tenths or so on the right side. I would have moved up to 6th had I not redlighted that run. Oh well, maybe another year!
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One word summary? Wet

More details: lots of rain!

I'm sitting in 7th place after my runs today, my runs were better than I expected after the "practice" runs we ended up having this morning. We'll see what happens tomorrow but I believe it is still going to rain. If it dries up at all it could get really interesting tomorrow.

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I can't believe this, but I will post this publicly to shame myself for being such an idiot.

Step 1 when putting your tires back on the car, be sure that you put the proper tire on the proper end. I had the driver's side tires switched, front on the rear and rear on the front. The passenger side was fine, so with a 17" on one rear and 18" on the other things go haywire......

This was an expensive screw up..

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So I've been meaning to do this for a while now, I added up the number of runs I've taken this year in the Corvette, it comes to somewhere near 130+ runs, I'm not exactly sure how many runs I got at the Evo school in Kansas City, but assuming I took at least 15 that puts the total around 133 considering the reruns at events I remember. That also doesn't include the Test&Tune in Topeka before the divisional in August.

That is a lot of runs on a car, but if you take into account the number of runs that codrivers have had (around 195) that brings the car's total up to over 300 for this year alone. No wonder the rear control arm bushings are worn out!

By my rough count I should have another 18 runs in the next week and a half assuming the car is repaired, plus codriver runs (18) that will put the total over 350 for the year without T&T events, we're also doing the Test & Tune this coming Sunday in Topeka.

Sometime I will go back and find results from all the events to get an accurate total, as well as a cone count for all of Dave's runs!

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So, this week just got really expensive, and I haven't even left for Topeka yet! $4-500 for the St. Louis dealer, plus $$ to get the rear control arms replaced, though I am going to have the control arms replaced by Superior Chevy out in Meriam Kansas because they can do it Thursday morning and they are SCCA Folk, I trust them way more than the local guys to get me corrected properly.

A big thanks to Jeff Kopp out there at Superior for helping me out. I'll post more later after I get over the fact that I'm going to be dropping another $2k into John's car! :)

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