2008 Solo Schedule for The CorvetteZ06.org Team

Check out the schedule of events we hope to hit in 2008. There are quiet a few National Tour and ProSolo stops that we think we might make the trek to, besides the local St. Louis events we will hit.

? in front of “maybe” dates, as in I think I may want to go get as much National seat time as possible
NT = National Tour
PRO = ProSolo
MD = Midiv Solo
STL = St. Louis Region Event
OT = Other Event

National Tour and ProSolo dates (miles from home)

  1. (NT) February 23-24 South Georgia Motorsports Park (783 Miles) (5th, trophy)
  2. (PRO) April 12-13 Newport Arkansas (261 Miles) (3rd, trophy)
  3. (PRO) May 17-18 Atlanta (572 Miles) (5th, no trophy)
  4. (NT) May 24-25 Atlanta, (572 Miles)  (6th, no trophy)
  5. (NT) June 28-29 Peru Indiana (324 Miles)
  6. (PRO) July 5-6 Toledo, OH (508 Miles)
  7. (NT) July 19-20 Milwaukee, WI (429 Miles)
  8. (NT) August 30-31 Kansas City, MO (231 Miles)
  9. (Pro Finale) September 12-13 Topeka, KS (305 Miles)
  10. (Nationals) September 18-19 Topeka, KS (305 Miles)

7926 Miles

Other out of town events

  1. (OT) April 4-6 Kansas City Evolution School and local event (231 Miles)
  2. (MD) April 19-20 Kansas City, MO (231 Miles) (4th, no trophy)
  3. (MD) August 2-3 Topeka, Kansas(305 Miles)

Local Events

  1. (STL) April 6th, Madison, IL, (4th, no trophy)
  2. (STL) July 13th, Madison, IL
  3. (STL) July 27th, Madison, IL
  4. (STL) August 10th, Madison, IL
  5. (STL) August 17th, Madison, IL
  6. (STL) August 24th, Madison, IL

2415 Miles

It looks like it will be a busy year!

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