Solo Nationals Day 2 (Wednesday)

Today was another fun day at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas. We (my wife and my father) headed out to the event site around 9am this morning, parked the cars and then walked around paddock and grid making our way up to the courses to watch a few runs.

After a bit we decided it was probably a good idea to get Natalie checked in with registration, so we headed off to do that, quick and easy. Next up was a move towards the head of the class. Sam Platt had headed home after his performance yesterday and the threat of rain, so we moved up to his previous grid spot in front of the Solo Performance/ store. Much closer than where we were before. Natalie had to work, I sat down near information and looked through the stats book for Nationals trying to get some information together for my announce heat.

My announce heat went well, I had fun yet again, though the heat seemed to fly by. After the heat we flew back to the hotel to get cleaned up and changed. I planned on wearing a suit for the banquet as I would be up on stage presenting the trophy winners for the heat I announced. We got to the banquet early (as I always do) and locked in two tables for people coming in later. It was interesting that they started the buffet early on, I think it worked well to keep the lines short when people got there to eat. The awards ceremony lasted about 2 hours, I was surprised it was that long as it felt to me like it flew by. Before I knew it I was up on stage presenting the trophies, and then I was done.

I thought my part went well, though I felt like I didn't talk enough. I was told that people thought I was the easiest to hear over the microphone, and that it was nice that I kept things short and to the point, but that came from my friends and family, so hopefully some other folks will chime in with some feedback.

It's time for bed, we're going to get up early and try to be on course by 6am.

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