Monday at the Solo Nationals

So today I had a full day scheduled. I went to the event site around 9:30, after a swing by McDonalds to pick up a quick bite for breakfast. From there I parked the car and hopped on my bicycle to ride over to the Solo Performance garage to hang out and work on my book proposal that I need to get out.

At noon I had a meeting with the other announcers for the Solo Nationals, it was an interesting meeting, though I don't expect any of us expected it to last an hour and a half.  From there I ran back to SPS to pick up some broadband cards to try and get the living results functionality ready for Nationals. This has been a last minute thing that Darrin and I have played around with most of the year. We have the software working, but we spent nearly 8 hours today trying to work out issues with the connectivity that we ran into using the AT&T broadband cards.

Mark Walker and Ian Baker graciously helped us out and spent the evening sitting at the "geek" table in the pavilion at HPT. Many people came over and laughed at us, but I think they will be more than thankful if we can get this working. We've got some work to do in the morning, but hopefully it will all come together and come tomorrow you'll be able to see some results nearly live at

If we can't get it working though, you probably won't see much there.

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