A quiet weekend? I think not

So this was supposed to be a quiet weekend, the first weekend off of racing since the 14th of June. While it is true that we won't be racing this weekend, it doesn't mean we won't be working. There's something wrong with the Corvette, something pretty massive, though thus far untraceable. Something is going on with the suspension, or drivetrain, causing it to feel very unsafe under acceleration, but fine when cruising down the road. This evening it started throwing errors about "Service ABS" "Service Traction Control" and "Service Active Handling" which I have seen before, but a quick reset of the car has always made these go away.

Well not tonight, so, this weekend I'll be thoroughly going through the suspension of the car to try and track down WTF is going on. Hopefully I find something, otherwise I'll be taking it to the dealer first thing Monday morning. I hate to have to resort to that, but I need the car repaired ASAP as we leave on Thursday to head to Topeka for 10 days of racing!

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Check the nuts on the rear axle. Also, the service ABS thing can come up if you have a dead ABS sensor (happened to me), its usually a front bearing. finally, check the torx bolts front and rear that bolt the bearings to the spindles, they can come loose. Also, make sure the shock tower nuts havent come off (I double nut mine).
Posted By: alex t on 9/6/2008 12:13:04 AM
Thanks for the tips Alex, I will check those out.
Posted By: Chris Hammond on 9/6/2008 1:11:39 AM
Get me some 40-weight, some gauze pads & ball bearings. It's all ball bearings these days...! "Quite" weekend, or "Quiet"?
Posted By: Rich C on 9/6/2008 11:02:29 AM

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