Why KC won't see another National Tour

Reason #1? Because Competitors get shot before the event. Unfortunately one of the CP competitors was involved in an attempted car jacking this morning that turned into a shooting. Lots of rumors about what happened, not quite sure what all really went down, but  I do know that Amo was shot in the leg, and the suspects got away. http://www.kmbc.com/news/17347796/detail.html

While this didn't happen at the event, it happened less than a quarter mile away from the site.

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This is MOM....get home safely ASAP!!!! Love you
Posted By: Barb Hammond on 8/30/2008 9:22:50 PM
I think we will see another one. Its just unfortunate that the incident happened at the first one we had there.
Posted By: The Kev Master on 9/4/2008 11:56:07 AM

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