So.... tip when you get new wheels/tires/lugnuts, triple check the darn torque on the lug nuts. I was driving to class tonight and starting getting some horrible feedback from the car. I pulled over to the side of the highway and started checking lug nuts, at least one loose on each wheel, and all I had was my hands to tighten things down. I did my best and headed home to tighten things up before continuing on to school. Lesson learned yet again...

I've had new street tires for a few weeks now but finally got my new street wheels today. I called around a few places. I tried Autozone and I think they told me it would be $30/wheel to mount and balance the tires. That was a bit higher than I had hoped to pay so I came home after work and tried a service station shop down the street, they told me they couldn't do the wheels because of the size. I then ran to Dobbs in the same shopping center.

Dobbs told me it would be $60 for each of the rear wheels and $50 for each of the front wheels. Excuse me? Are you serious, $220 to mount and balance 4 wheels and tires? I don't think so Dobbs!

So I called up Sears at Chesterfield Mall, they did the alignment on the car last week (more info coming later in this blog post about the alignment), they said they were open till 8pm and if I got there before 7pm they'd be able to take care of them. I got there just after 6pm, and I think I left the store by 7pm. Yet again they were excellent, mounted and balanced 4 wheels and tires, plus mounted an additional r-comp without balancing for $111. So what do the new wheels look like? They're awesome! New Wheels

Due to a vendor mixup I'm short a set of wheels this weekend and autox season starts up. I need to buy a 17x9.5" C5 Z06 wheel to complete a set, and I need to do this before Thursday so I can get tires mounted Thursday night and drive to Kansas City Friday morning. Any chance anyone local has one wheel? I'd even consider a pair or a full set (2 17s and 2 18s) if someone has them. They don't have to be in good shape, just not beat to hell and back. I'd even be down for a set of C6 wheels in C5 Z06 sizes if anyone has them local.


Thanks to all our sponsors, perhaps one day will gain some life (a new ride) but for now check out our latest ride