Clay Bar Update 1

Chris Hammond
I spent quite a bit of time today going over the car with the clay bar. I think I hit every square inch of the exterior. I washed it again after the bar and will get up in the morning and give it a once over looking for any paint that I might have missed. Once that is done I will begin the polishing/waxing process, I figure that will take another 3-4 hours tomorrow.
So after way too much time spent on this whole deal I believe that this paint fiasco is almost behind us. The word I got today is a check was put in the mail today, so I have Saturday morning (and afternoon and evening) slated for a full detail job on the Corvette. It will most likely take all day, but the car always loves a good rub down. I think my boss is going to come over and do the same to his Minivan, though I am sure he will give up about half way through the process realizing he's clay barring and waxing a minivan!

A nice new coat

Chris Hammond
So I finally got around to cleaning up the Corvette yesterday. It really needed a coat of wax and a good going over with the clay bar so after a round of golf in the morning I came home and gave the car some love. Here's the order of things on Sunday. Wash Claybar Wash Polish Wax RainX I spent 4.5 hours or so cleaning up the car. All the marks are removed from the paint, though there are still some cone marks in the clear vinyl that I had troubles removing. And now for the results


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