New Look and New Video

Chris Hammond

I spent the day today cleaning up the Corvette and then setup the new look of the car for the upcoming Solo Nationals. A big thanks to Dave at for getting the vinyl cut yesterday. It took me pretty much all afternoon to get this done, with washing the car, clay barring a few parts of the car, polish and wax, applying the vinyl then another wash.

I think the car turned out great, you can check out the flickr photos to see what it looks like. Now for the video, music from Steve Ewing (

Check out the video on the full blog post.

This time lapse makes my time lapse videos for look amatuer (hey wait a minute, they are). This is apparently GM Engineers assembling an LS9 for a ZR1 (View the full blog post for the video.

So this past Sunday was the 5th event of the St. Louis Autocross season, really it was only the 4th event held this year due to rain/blow out of what was supposed to be event number 3.

The region has changed their event structure this year, back to a three heat format, with the attempt to get 5 runs each heat, that worked out on Sunday. Beth ran the Corvette in SSL during the second heat, there were two drivers in the class, Beth ended up taking first, and also taking first on the ladies index challenge.

Dave and I both ran in the third heat. I managed to take the win in SS, as well as the win on the index results for the event, I even managed to get the fastest raw time for the event, though I took out a single cone before the starting lights on that run so it doesn't count for anything! Dave managed 2nd in SS behind me, and 6th on index for the event. I've posted some of the videos from the event in a post a few days ago.

I did come to realize there is no need for me to attend any more local events this year, as I have no possibility of winning the class championship, or the index championship due to the fact that the solo board decided to screw up the points by making the divisional worth a single event but double the points, so now, unless people just don't attend 6 events in SS I have no shot at making up 10k points.

That doesn't mean I won't continue to show up though, I'll be doing my damnedest to win every event, both class and index for the rest of the year (cept 10/6 when I'll be in Europe). I might not have a shot at winning based on points, but I'll be damned sure to make people know who the fastest mofo in St. Louis is this year.

This weekend the team is headed to Milwaukee Wisconsin to take part in The Tire Rack SCCA National Tour event, videos of that to come next week!

Well the Peru National Tour is over and I am finally back home. I left St. Louis on the 19th of June and made it home, 10 days later.

Sunday of the Peru National Tour was better than Saturday, I finally managed to get a clean run, as did Dave. I think I ran the 5th fastest time in SS today, so I was happy with that. On my third run I ended up blowing out the far turn around, after that I pushed it a little hard in the slolom and paid the price with a little case of the white tornado.

I ended up moving up 2 positions for the day, as did Dave who was less than 2 tenths back from me on his best run today.

I'll work on getting video up from the event over the next few days. You can find 3 videos from yesterday here on this flickr set, as I post more they will also be listed there..

Since I've acquired new PC hardware, a new laptop and a new desktop, I've been able to finally do some editing of video from races. Though I've only got one run put together. I think the video turned pretty cool. This is one of my runs from the Atlanta National Tour, on Sunday.


The Chase Cam video turned out great, I think I'm going to adjust the settings for the G readings this weekend at the Peru National Tour

New Media

Chris Hammond
Being out of town I don't have access to some of the hardware that I need to put the video together from this past weekend at the Atlanta ProSolo. I will spend some time next week doing that, as well as working with the video I take at the National Tour this weekend.

For now though, you can check out a video that I put together a few weeks ago working in the garage.

Well, less than 24 hours from now Nick and I will be on the road to Atlanta. We're planning on pulling out of St. Louis around 3am, but we'll see how that goes. I will have a lot to do tonight to get ready. Load the car on the trailer, pack the van. Yup, VAN, I'm taking the Church Van down to Atlanta. Much thanks to Dave for the loaner tow vehicle!

I mounted up the tires on the old street wheels last night. New Hoosier rubber for this weekend, hopefully we can get down in time to do some practice starts and get some of the new tire mold off.

It should be a fun weekend, and hopefully I'll have some great videos together. A big thanks to's Newest Sponsor, Chase Cam, I've used Chase Cam equipment many times throughout the years and now get the chance to work with some of their newest equipment, needless to say I am stoked!

See you all in Atlanta!

I've had new street tires for a few weeks now but finally got my new street wheels today. I called around a few places. I tried Autozone and I think they told me it would be $30/wheel to mount and balance the tires. That was a bit higher than I had hoped to pay so I came home after work and tried a service station shop down the street, they told me they couldn't do the wheels because of the size. I then ran to Dobbs in the same shopping center.

Dobbs told me it would be $60 for each of the rear wheels and $50 for each of the front wheels. Excuse me? Are you serious, $220 to mount and balance 4 wheels and tires? I don't think so Dobbs!

So I called up Sears at Chesterfield Mall, they did the alignment on the car last week (more info coming later in this blog post about the alignment), they said they were open till 8pm and if I got there before 7pm they'd be able to take care of them. I got there just after 6pm, and I think I left the store by 7pm. Yet again they were excellent, mounted and balanced 4 wheels and tires, plus mounted an additional r-comp without balancing for $111. So what do the new wheels look like? They're awesome! New Wheels


Thanks to all our sponsors, perhaps one day will gain some life (a new ride) but for now check out our latest ride