Topeka Midiv Saturday

Chris Hammond
Today was an interesting day. It was once again hot hot hot today. I managed to get faster on all of my runs, and my last run would have put me in 2nd but I picked up a cone in the last 25% of the course, so I had to sit on my third run. Dave did the same thing, though his third run was faster than mine. I believe we're sitting in 4th and 5th right now. We'll see how Sunday goes. I'll see if I can't get video going later tonight, we're heading off to the banquet for dinner shortly.
Dave and I loaded up the car on the trailer tonight, we're leaving around 4am on Friday morning and he has plans tomorrow night. Before loading it we took the wheels and tires and flipped the tires around on the wheels for the practice session on Friday. We'll run the test & tune friday on the old set of wheels and tires, then on Saturday and Sunday we'll run the good set of tires, the set that were new for the Milwaukee National Tour two weeks ago. We did all of this tonight in the rain, so we were soaked by the time we changed tires on the car and loaded it on the trailer. I'll post an update Friday night.


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