A new alignment

Chris Hammond
So I took the Z06 to Sears this morning to get another alignment done on the car. I hadn't had one done since 4/3, which was before most of the races and before I screwed the alignment up putting the Koni shocks back on. The toe in the rear was hosed (unsure why), the camber in the front was off as was the caster on the left front corner, which could explain the damage to the tire in Toledo. We'll see how well this new alignment works on Sunday as Dave and I battle it out, our goal is to finish 1 and 2 in index at our local event, me in 1st him in 2nd of course!

Cleaning the glass

Chris Hammond
This morning I got under the front of the Z06 to see if I could finally track down the rattles and squeaks. I took the front sway bar off and relubed the bushings, after putting everything back together and tightening things up it still squeaks and rattles. It might be a little better, though I'm not sure if I have done anything but settle my mind on some of the suspension components being loose. My guess now is that the end links are noisy, now to figure out how to check those out and stop it.
So after heading out to Natalie's horse show today I swung by the car dealer to say hello to Trigger, the guy who sold me the Corvette. After that I came home and worked on the Corvette for 4 hours. The first thing I did was remove both rear shocks. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get them both to adjust, the adjusters were stuck, as they were when I originally got them. I made sure they were both set to full soft then I put them back on the car. I made sure to tighten everything down.

So today Nick and I spent most of the day working on the Corvette. We got the Koni Shocks from installed, the sway bar from, and the Hawk brake pads from Everything went rather well except for the following.

The shocks were a tad difficult to get installed because of the configuration of the suspension.

We lowered the car with the OEM ride height adjustment bolts. Well..... we thought we lowered it. Nick actually lowered the rear, I managed to raise the front. So I'll be correcting that tomorrow, and then we'll work on aligning the car. I hope to also work on getting the hoosiers mounted tomorrow.

I've got a TON of video from today to go through, perhaps I'll get it done after we finish watching "Miracle" on ABC tonight.


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