3 of 5 drivers in the team finished in 3rd this weekend. Natalie finished third in SSL, Dave finished Third in ASP, and I finished third in SS.

Beth finished 2nd in SSL and managed to win the only tire this weekend, Tom ended up having to deal with some family business in KC after taking his runs on Saturday so he was unable to run on Sunday. Hopefully his father-in-law is doing better.

More detailed updates and video later this weekend/week.

So it's Wednesday already, I've been back for a few days and haven't done a review for the Midiv Divisional Solo event in Kansas City this past weekend. So how was it? Based on my driving performance, very poor. Based on everything else? It was okay. Unfortunately I always feel whenever I go to KC things are rather unorganized, though I'm sure folks that come to STL from KC feel the same way with the way events around here have been the past few years.Saturday took a long time to complete, we started just after 10am, and didn't get done till after 5pm if I recall correctly. Sunday ran much faster, which made for a decent arrival time at home.
Registration opened up for the 2008 Tirerack Solo Nationals so I jumped and registered as 198 SS for the event. I know I am excited for September to come this year, but I have a lot of work to do before then to be ready. I'm not sure if Natalie will be running Nationals or not this year, we need to see what the horse show schedule looks like.

I've had new street tires for a few weeks now but finally got my new street wheels today. I called around a few places. I tried Autozone and I think they told me it would be $30/wheel to mount and balance the tires. That was a bit higher than I had hoped to pay so I came home after work and tried a service station shop down the street, they told me they couldn't do the wheels because of the size. I then ran to Dobbs in the same shopping center.

Dobbs told me it would be $60 for each of the rear wheels and $50 for each of the front wheels. Excuse me? Are you serious, $220 to mount and balance 4 wheels and tires? I don't think so Dobbs!

So I called up Sears at Chesterfield Mall, they did the alignment on the car last week (more info coming later in this blog post about the alignment), they said they were open till 8pm and if I got there before 7pm they'd be able to take care of them. I got there just after 6pm, and I think I left the store by 7pm. Yet again they were excellent, mounted and balanced 4 wheels and tires, plus mounted an additional r-comp without balancing for $111. So what do the new wheels look like? They're awesome! New Wheels

Dave brought this up today, every car I've put Koni's on I have had problems. The Z28 I had all sorts of issues with the upper shock mount. The 350Z I was unable to get the Konis off the car when I went to sell the car. The Z06 things went on alright, though when we put them all I found one of the shocks hard to adjust. I thought I had fixed that and gotten it to adjust fine. Well today in Georgia at the Dixie tour I was unable to get the left front shock to adjust on the car.


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