So after heading out to Natalie's horse show today I swung by the car dealer to say hello to Trigger, the guy who sold me the Corvette. After that I came home and worked on the Corvette for 4 hours. The first thing I did was remove both rear shocks. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get them both to adjust, the adjusters were stuck, as they were when I originally got them. I made sure they were both set to full soft then I put them back on the car. I made sure to tighten everything down.
Well back in February I had an issue with the front shocks on the Z06. After two months of me not shipping them off to get fixed I finally shipped them back to Koni last week. Today replacement shocks arrived! I must give out a big thank you to Koni North America for excellent customer service, even for a customer who is as slow to ship things as myself! Great work, great time dealing with you guys. Now, Nick and I must decide, do we put them on for Atlanta or not? We'll for sure be taking them, and most likely switching them over tomorrow after the practice starts.

Back to stock

Chris Hammond
Today I went over to Nick's house for a while to work on removing the motor out of his 1995 Cobra. That took us FARRRR too long, stupid mustangs. We actually didn't get it all the way out before I left, the ram on the cherry picker died on us when we were probably 95% done. He ran off to Cummins Tools to look for another one, I went home to work on the Corvette. I took the Monroe Sensa Tracs off the front end and put the stock Z06 shocks back on the car. I figured out, thanks to a tip from Alex, the easy way to mount shocks is by compressing them and holding them closed with a zip tie. That made things a lot easier!

So today Nick and I spent most of the day working on the Corvette. We got the Koni Shocks from installed, the sway bar from, and the Hawk brake pads from Everything went rather well except for the following.

The shocks were a tad difficult to get installed because of the configuration of the suspension.

We lowered the car with the OEM ride height adjustment bolts. Well..... we thought we lowered it. Nick actually lowered the rear, I managed to raise the front. So I'll be correcting that tomorrow, and then we'll work on aligning the car. I hope to also work on getting the hoosiers mounted tomorrow.

I've got a TON of video from today to go through, perhaps I'll get it done after we finish watching "Miracle" on ABC tonight.


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