So I got up this morning, washed the F350 before Natalie took it back to the barn, where it will live until it gets used to tow again. (Good planning on my part sending it back to the barn with a winter storm supposedly hitting St. Louis tomorrow). I then washed the Z06 to get the travel grime off it from the trip back from Atlanta last weekend.

Back to stock

Chris Hammond
Today I went over to Nick's house for a while to work on removing the motor out of his 1995 Cobra. That took us FARRRR too long, stupid mustangs. We actually didn't get it all the way out before I left, the ram on the cherry picker died on us when we were probably 95% done. He ran off to Cummins Tools to look for another one, I went home to work on the Corvette. I took the Monroe Sensa Tracs off the front end and put the stock Z06 shocks back on the car. I figured out, thanks to a tip from Alex, the easy way to mount shocks is by compressing them and holding them closed with a zip tie. That made things a lot easier!


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