A heads up to anyone who codrives with the Whitworths anytime in the future... They hit so many cones, that these cones start to haunt the other drivers in the car!

A funny thing happened on Natalie's last run on Saturday. I was filming the run and saw something pecular. After a short time on the course I noticed a cone under the back of the Corvette, I was pretty sure that Natalie didn't hit a cone at the beginning of this run so it had to have come from Beth's previous run in which she blasted into a cone right before the finish. I hadn't bothered to look under the car when Beth got back from her run and we were prepping the car for Natalie, had I looked I am pretty sure I would have found a cone somewhere near the rear diff.

3 of 5 drivers in the team finished in 3rd this weekend. Natalie finished third in SSL, Dave finished Third in ASP, and I finished third in SS.

Beth finished 2nd in SSL and managed to win the only tire this weekend, Tom ended up having to deal with some family business in KC after taking his runs on Saturday so he was unable to run on Sunday. Hopefully his father-in-law is doing better.

More detailed updates and video later this weekend/week.

Off we are headed to Kansas City for the National Tour. This will be Natalie's first National event, heck her first out of town event! More updates tomorrow.
So the weekend started out wet on Saturday, Sunday started out the same. It was very overcast and foggy/wet on Sunday morning, by the time we ran Sunday morning though it was nearly dry on course, all of the water was out of the air and the sun was out making it hot. After first runs I had a decent time, but I knew that time wouldn't be anywhere near what I needed to run. I was the last driver in super stock, so I had 2 more runs to watch what everyone else did, then a chance to put down my final time. I was able to run what I think was the 5th fastest time of the day in SS, though it was enough to move me up into 4th place, from 5th, by about 24 thousands over another Z06 driven by another Chris. Dave managed to get three clean runs, an impressive feat for him, though he was off of my time by about 8 tenths if I recall correctly.

Day 1 here in Milwaukee was wet! Beth ran the car in the first heat on the brand new hoosier wets, by the third heat Dave and I switched to the race rubber.

Beth finished up today in 2nd place, if she can stay there tomorrow she'll win a trophy and a free contingency tire! Dave had his usual cone issues, he complained about the car being too loose on corner exit, but I think he just forgot that it was wet outside.

I ran well, I'm sitting in 5th after Saturday, .14* back from the 4th and final trophy position. Tomorrow I am going to do my best to try and move up, not back like I have the past few National events on Sunday.

Read the full post to see the videos

Morning in Milwaukee

Chris Hammond
It sure is early this morning! 5am start, at least my shower is down, but I sure don't feel like waking up today. Still looks like it's going to rain, I'll blog later today from the site if I get a chance.

Well the Peru National Tour is over and I am finally back home. I left St. Louis on the 19th of June and made it home, 10 days later.

Sunday of the Peru National Tour was better than Saturday, I finally managed to get a clean run, as did Dave. I think I ran the 5th fastest time in SS today, so I was happy with that. On my third run I ended up blowing out the far turn around, after that I pushed it a little hard in the slolom and paid the price with a little case of the white tornado.

I ended up moving up 2 positions for the day, as did Dave who was less than 2 tenths back from me on his best run today.

I'll work on getting video up from the event over the next few days. You can find 3 videos from yesterday here on this flickr set, as I post more they will also be listed there..

So the Team took 9 runs today at the National Tour here in Bunker Hill Indiana. 2 out of those 9 runs were clean, the rest were DNFs and coned runs. Here's a quick overview of what I can remember

Run 1 (Cones)
Run 2 (Cones)
Run 3 (DNF Cones)

Run 1 (DNF Cones)
Run 2 (Cone) fast enough for 5th or 6th if clean
Run 3 (Cones)

Run 1 (Cones)
Run 2
Run 3

I am sitting in 9th, Dave in 11th, Beth in 3rd in SSL.

I've reviewed my video from Run #1, and I don't see anywhere that I DNF'd the course, I did spin through the finish and hit a cone or two, but it sure doesn't look like I left the course at anytime.

Right now tomorrow for Dave and I is just for fun, to see how well we can do in the car after a bad Saturday. I've got video from all the runs today, though it looks like the audio didn't record, I will have to check that out in the morning to make sure we get audio of tomorrows runs.

Well here it goes, a wrap up post from the Atlanta National Tour. First things first, I won't have any of the video done for a bit now. My processing machine has gone nuts, and right now all I can do is access it through remote desktop. If I can get the onboard video card working I might be able to salvage some of the machine and get some processing done.

On the note of video, the only one of my three video devices that worked flawlessly all weekend was the Chase Cam, a big thanks to Randy over at for helping me getting everything setup. My other devices had battery and other troubles, the Chase Cam worked great and produced some great video that you will get  to see soon enough.

Chris Hammond, 5th place after day 1. Woulda been 4th in final trophy spot but had a cone call on the corner sheets that no one knew about till audit. Still not far back from 4th, 2 tenths maybe. Going out to dinner with the guy in 4th tonight, plan, get him wasted.

Atlanta National Tour

Chris Hammond
I'm sitting here in my hotel for the Atlanta National Tour while I should be asleep I'm sitting here blogging. It's pretty warm down here, or at least it was today, much warmer than it was in Washington DC where I was all week. It looks like the weather should be good this weekend, so that will be nice. I doubt I'll have to worry about tire temperatures this time around, as I will be sans codriver for my first event of the year.

So at the National Tour in Cecil Georgia this past weekend I took my Garmin Forerunner 305. Why? Because I wanted to use the heart rate monitor and see what my heart rate gets to when I race.

I wore it on Sunday, when walking the course and then when taking my runs. It's interesting, you can see my heartrate steadily climb over a run. On my third and final run my heart rate peaked at 171bpm.

It's been two weeks since I've run, but that is about 10bpm lower than what is my high generally when running.

I'm trying to get the event uploaded to so that I can link to it from this blog post and you can see some of the data. I'll also be working with the data from DL1 this weekend, and getting more videos together from the Dixie Tour.

What I hope will be the first of many was achieved this weekend. I placed 6th at the Dixie National Tour in Cecil Georgia over the weekend. There were 18 drivers that I believe finished, and 20 drivers entered for the event, so the trophies filled out to 6th place. After day 1 I was sitting in 10th place. I wasn't too disappointed with that considering the troubles from Friday.


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