So the weekend started out wet on Saturday, Sunday started out the same. It was very overcast and foggy/wet on Sunday morning, by the time we ran Sunday morning though it was nearly dry on course, all of the water was out of the air and the sun was out making it hot. After first runs I had a decent time, but I knew that time wouldn't be anywhere near what I needed to run. I was the last driver in super stock, so I had 2 more runs to watch what everyone else did, then a chance to put down my final time. I was able to run what I think was the 5th fastest time of the day in SS, though it was enough to move me up into 4th place, from 5th, by about 24 thousands over another Z06 driven by another Chris. Dave managed to get three clean runs, an impressive feat for him, though he was off of my time by about 8 tenths if I recall correctly.

Day 1 here in Milwaukee was wet! Beth ran the car in the first heat on the brand new hoosier wets, by the third heat Dave and I switched to the race rubber.

Beth finished up today in 2nd place, if she can stay there tomorrow she'll win a trophy and a free contingency tire! Dave had his usual cone issues, he complained about the car being too loose on corner exit, but I think he just forgot that it was wet outside.

I ran well, I'm sitting in 5th after Saturday, .14* back from the 4th and final trophy position. Tomorrow I am going to do my best to try and move up, not back like I have the past few National events on Sunday.

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