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So after heading out to Natalie's horse show today I swung by the car dealer to say hello to Trigger, the guy who sold me the Corvette. After that I came home and worked on the Corvette for 4 hours. The first thing I did was remove both rear shocks. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get them both to adjust, the adjusters were stuck, as they were when I originally got them. I made sure they were both set to full soft then I put them back on the car. I made sure to tighten everything down.
Well back in February I had an issue with the front shocks on the Z06. After two months of me not shipping them off to get fixed I finally shipped them back to Koni last week. Today replacement shocks arrived! I must give out a big thank you to Koni North America for excellent customer service, even for a customer who is as slow to ship things as myself! Great work, great time dealing with you guys. Now, Nick and I must decide, do we put them on for Atlanta or not? We'll for sure be taking them, and most likely switching them over tomorrow after the practice starts.


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