So it is Monday now, time for a review of the 2008 Doublecross SCCA ProSolo event that was held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this past weekend. Nick and I left St. Louis Friday morning around 3am, pretty darn early, though we almost needed to leave even earlier. The trip went okay, but north of Atlanta we ran into some construction on 75, it took us about an hour or more to go 5 miles as they merged 3 lanes down to 1 lane so they could do some emergency bridge repairs.

We rolled into AMS around 4:30pm, so it was a 12 hour trip (1 hour time change), but that included a quick carwash once we were in town. We unloaded the car from the trailer and quickly got it teched, then changed the tires to get up to the line for some practice starts. Friday evening we walked the course a few times, I'm a fan of getting some good course walks in so I can visualize what I want to do, Nick takes fewer walks as he doesn't like to overwalk/analyze the course. To each his own.
The doublecross class competition is over. I ended up 5th, Nick in 10th. I had a redlight run that I pushed, was one of the fastest times on that side of the course, so I am happy with that. Nick had cleanliness issues today. Tomorrow we do a 5 bracket competition, I seeded 48th overall, so I'll be running against the 113th seed, an SM2 RX-7.

Well, less than 24 hours from now Nick and I will be on the road to Atlanta. We're planning on pulling out of St. Louis around 3am, but we'll see how that goes. I will have a lot to do tonight to get ready. Load the car on the trailer, pack the van. Yup, VAN, I'm taking the Church Van down to Atlanta. Much thanks to Dave for the loaner tow vehicle!

I mounted up the tires on the old street wheels last night. New Hoosier rubber for this weekend, hopefully we can get down in time to do some practice starts and get some of the new tire mold off.

It should be a fun weekend, and hopefully I'll have some great videos together. A big thanks to's Newest Sponsor, Chase Cam, I've used Chase Cam equipment many times throughout the years and now get the chance to work with some of their newest equipment, needless to say I am stoked!

See you all in Atlanta!


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